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Improves Reading Skills with Fun “Bolo App” for Children

    Bolo App Learn to read with Google

    Google has introduced the app named “Bolo”. The purpose of this Bolo App Learn to read with Google is to improve the reading skills of primary grade children. Usually the educational system does not have the capability to engage the children with the learning procedure of school but in this app children learn with the fun they will take an interest like playing games or other favorite hobbies. 

    Bolo applanguages option in imagefour gaming options availableBolo Learn to read with Google app

    How Bolo App Works

    Download Bolo app from Google Play Store Bolo: Learn to read with Google – Apps on after downloading just open Bolo app there is no need to register to select your language and start learning with fun there are lots of games, stories, short stories, very short stories, long stories, and very long stories select which you want there is a girl instructor down the left side you can take help to tap her she will read in both languages to help you.

    The app has no paid content, everything is free and material is added on a daily basis and there is no need for an internet connection while using the app it is completely offline without ads. There are many languages support like English, Bangla, Urdu, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Spanish, Portuguese. It is compatible with all android devices and it required Android 4.4 and up and the downloadable size is less than 50MB.



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