Complete and Handy Writing Tips

Complete and Handy Writing Tips


I will introduce some tips and tricks to write a letter, email, blog or whatever you want in English or your native / regional language by voice typing feature.

So let’s begin if you are desktop user so sign in with Google and type in your browser address bar Docs will open then choose blank and blank page similar like MS Word will open go to tools and tap voice typing microphone symbol will appear on the left side choose the language inside microphone English will be default language you can change which you want  and then click the microphone button and start speaking while you speaking you will see it will automatically typing into words.

you just do not worry to save data it will save in drive and wherever you sign in again it will available for you. This option will be most beneficial for non English users to type their native language in an easy way.


Gboard app voice typing image


Mobile phone users can also use voice typing option in more than the easiest way just download the Gboard app it is available on Google play and Apps store. Open Gboard app go to Settings, tap Languages then tap Add Keyboard it will show hundreds of languages just choose your desired language it will add to your keyboard it is done you can use it in text message typing email or anything you want after installing Gboard you can try with text message just open message app, compose when keyboard appears tap on little microphone inside keyboard and start voice typing you can add many languages in Gboard and also change with single tap button in keyboard. If you face any problems so go to settings and check voice typing should be enabled and Gboard selected as default keyboard.


Try another good feature Google Translate

google translate web page imageCan’t write English or weak in any language which you want to write so don’t worry just open your desktop PC type in your browser also see in the picture in the left side select your language and in the right select the language which you want to translate example: if you speak in English and wants to translate in Spanish so in the left select English and select Spanish in the right side then click on microphone and start speaking.


google translate mobile app image

Same process you can use on your mobile phone just Install app Google Translate it is available on Google Play and Apps Store and enjoy this amazing feature.



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