WhatsApp officially introduced dark mode on Android and iOS

WhatsApp officially introduced dark mode on Android and iOS

Now in this era smartphone is the most common gadget everyone using and parallel WhatsApp is one of the most common apps everyone using more frequent. When we talk about dark mode mostly apps introduced it or developers working on dark mode because it feels more comfortable especially on eyes and when we use phone on nights in dark room then dark theme will less harm to your eyes and also efficient for saving battery power. WhatsApp also introduced Dark mode many peoples was waiting for this must awaiting update.

How to update,


 If you are an iPhone user it works on iOS 13 it means if you have iPhone 6S, SE or newer so you can enjoy this feature just go Display & Brightness option and  apply dark theme WhatsApp will automatically convert on dark mode.


If you are fan of Android and you have latest Android updated it also has dark mode so Android 10 users should just switched to phone’s dark mode then WhatsApp will automatically change its mode. But when we talk about Android there are millions of devices has an old version which could not be updated so don’t worry just update the app and go to app setting, tap chats and select Theme and turn on dark mode and your WhatsApp will go on dark mode in an older version device.

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