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xPal Secure Messenger End-to-End Encrypted for Private & Anonymous Communication

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Want to introduce a new secure messaging app? xPal.com Corporation operates the xPal secure messenger app and claims it is an end-to-end encrypted p2p messaging platform offering a truly secure system for messaging either by text or call. So you may have peace of mind knowing your text or call is anonymous private and end-to-end encrypted and rest assured knowing your texts are seen only by you and the person you are communicating to.

xPal app

xPal Secure Messenger

xPal secure messenger believes an end to end encryption so this encrypted messenger uses a unique global xPal number to text, audio, and video call other xPal users around the world. There is no need to provide personal information to get an xPal number. The unique 9-digit xPal global number doesn’t use any country or area code.

True WhatsApp alternative with secure features

WhatsApp alternative

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world but if you are not comfortable and have security issues with it so use xPal secure messenger as a WhatsApp alternative.

Unique number of xPal Secure Messenger

It is easy to install free xPal private messenger, get your unique number and invite your family, friends, or coworkers to communicate with a secure messaging platform.  xPal also allows users to accept calls from any xPal number or only those people who are saved in their xPal contacts.


  • You can erase or delete any message or entire conversations on your device or from all participants.
  • Peer-to-peer communication means that the calls are never seen by the xPal servers.

  • When the screen is locked the xPal app goes into the background, and the PIN Re-Authentication feature is also available.
  • The disappearing messages feature enables users to automatically delete messages from both the sender and receiver. You can set a preset length of time from 5 seconds to a day.
  • Users have the choice to delete the entire chat and call history from both the sending and receiving devices.
  • Exclusive option one-step Reverse PIN security feature to permanently delete all your xPal message history on all devices.
  • The shared pictures and videos are protected and cannot be downloaded or copied.
  • Choose a Light or Dark theme as per convenience.

xPal app

The all above features and benefits are free but have some limits, you can buy xPal secure messenger premium membership to unlock unlimited premium features. Download for Android and Apple users.


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