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Signal Private Messenger App – Best WhatsApp Alternative

    Signal is a private messenger app and it is free you can use it for communications around the world. Like other messengers you can send and receive messages and can make high definition video calls, voice calls, voice messages, and group calling but important thing is end to end encryption of your data, there are many more rich features, it is the best WhatsApp alternative app. The advanced privacy preserving technology of Signal Private Messenger app is always enabled, which gives you freedom on sharing the moments with your loved ones.

    Signal Private Messenger app Best WhatsApp Alternative

    Signal Private Messenger app

    End to End Encryption

    The highest level of privacy of signal private messenger app that are powered by the open source signal protocol that provides you end to end encryption which keeps your conversations and data secure. Privacy is a compulsory mode for Signal that works on every call, every message always.

    Signal delivered fast, quick and reliable messages even on slow networks. It is a completely independent nonprofit that is supported by users and there are no advertisements or trackers.

    Signal Private Messenger app uses your existing phone numbers and address book to communicate with your family or friends securely. You can speak up when they live either in your city or somewhere else with enhanced video and audio quality.

    If you don’t want to see a bright screen so you can switch the theme from light to dark mode. It is good you can choose custom alerts for each contact. You can use the built-in image editing features of Signal Private Messenger app to sketch, crop and flip your photos. For more details and install the app visit for Android and iOS you can also download the desktop version.



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