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Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker App

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Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker

Sleep Cycle sleep tracker is an app with a smart alarm clock to track your sleep, wake up and help to improve sleep quality. You can track your sleep from bedtime to wake up. It reminds you what should you take next action, it will give you detailed analysis and encourage you to follow your desired routine within a few days of using. The average cycles between sleep and wake is five stages of sleep. In the stages 1-2 as light sleep, 3-4 as deep sleep, and the fifth stage as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.


Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker


Device Placement & Accelerometer

The built-in microphone of the smartphone is used to analyze your movements as you sleep. It is most important that you place your phone correctly on the mattress or in the side table. The purpose of the accelerometer is used to analyze your movements as you sleep but It is important to correctly place your phone.

Now it is easy to track your sleek just using a smartphone and begin your day feeling energized and end your day with peaceful sleep with an intelligent alarm clock and sleep tracker. The unique and intelligent design of Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker only wakes you up while you are in your light sleep phase. You will also get a detailed analysis report which shows your sleep cycles like deep sleep or light sleep and monitors your sleep patterns from going to bed till wake up. It is a good app for those who want to make their schedule but not yet succeed.

There are plenty of rich features for free like Sleep analysis and detail with Sleep Cycles  patented sound or accelerometer. Detailed sleep statistics, pattern and sleep graphs on a daily basis. Fully integrated with Apple Health for iOS users and exchanging sleep analysis and heart rate. Efficiently selected alarm melodies can be snoozed by shaking or double tapping.

It has also a premium plan to unlock more features, for more details and install Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker follow link for Android, iOS and AppGallery


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