Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade – Game for Android and iOS

Now you can experience Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade that is one of the true RTS gameplay in this epic strategy game featuring unrivaled degrees of freedom. In the game there are 11 unique kingdoms you need to choose from one and guide your civilization. Huge battles happen in real time with detailed maps featuring natural obstructions like mountains ranges, rivers, fog and strategic passes.

In the Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade game you will enjoy a realistic day and night cycle, you can make a strategy of surprise attack to use the cover of night. The game is covered in thick fog. You will dispatch scouts to explore this land of mystery and uncover the hidden treasures within the land. Call upon dozens of historical warriors who will serve your commanders, some famous figures are Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige and more.  

Game for Android and iOS

rise of kingdoms lost crusade game for android and ios rise of kingdoms

Features of Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade

  • Real time Battles true RTS gameplay
  • Seamless World Map and Infinite zoom feature
  • 11 unique civilizations with its own architecture, and unique units
  • Exploration and investigation to prepare for ultimate clash
  • Unrestricted troop movements and multiple actions simultaneously
  • Alliance system to strengthen their position, and work together
  • Conquer the Kingdom by choosing upon dozens of RPG Commanders

There are much more features such as Expedition Mode, Scouting, Espionage, Kingdom Progression, Stunning Graphics and 3D Character Models. For more details or download please follow the link game for Android and iOS.



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