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Penny and Flo Finding Home, Renovate the Mansion Perfect Puzzle Game

    In the  Penny and Flo Finding Home game, you will help to renovate the mansion of a former Hollywood actress in the best way and match pieces to solve challenging puzzles. Match pieces and start to makeover your mansion you can use and play with themed boosters and there are dozens of customization options to renovate the mansion rooms. 

    The Penny and Flo Finding Home game has many full colorful characters the main character Penny is the daughter of a school football coach and the fiancee of Butch, and Flo is a wedding planner, trainer, and YouTuber. Some other characters are Butch athlete in high school, Mike a local police officer, Daphne 90 years old former film actress, Violet 60-year-old daughter of Daphne, and Dave member of a local motorcycle gang.

    Renovate the Mansion Puzzle Game

    Penny and Flo Finding Home Renovate the Mansion Puzzle Game

    You will discover hidden areas of the mansion and choose among hundreds of pieces of furniture for the decoration project of your mansion. So sit down, relax and enjoy this renovated mansion puzzle game enriched with a great story.

    Features of Penny and Flo Finding Home

    • Renovate, decorate and style your mansion with unique rooms.
    • Match pieces and solve and enjoy hundreds of addictive puzzle levels.
    • Enjoy plot twists in the story, meet with different characters, and uncover hidden secrets.
    • Explore the mansion and discover its hidden objects and unlock hidden areas.
    • Relax, enjoy and experience a story filled with funny and heartfelt dialogue.

    For more details and installation please visit the link for Android and iOS.



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