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5 Best Free Flight Simulator Games – A Real Flight Experience

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In this article we have shortlisted 5 best free flight simulator games that will provide you a real flight experience and hope you will enjoy it a lot.


5 Best Free Flight Simulator Games

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D

With Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D you not only fly commercial passenger flights but MILITARY AIRCRAFT too. Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D is a brand new 3D airplane simulator game, featuring planes derived from the Airbus tactical airlifter, the ATR 42 or ATR 72 regional airliners, and more.

Features of Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D

  • There are three versions of the military aircraft which are tactical cargo, special operations and coastguard.
  • Pilot the aircraft in plane mode and in vertical, helicopter-like mode.
  • Learn to fly with training missions and the basics of flying, takeoff and landing etc.
  • You can load, unload, and airdrop supplies with the cargo planes.
  • No restrictions on flying in free-flight mode, or creating own flight routes on the map.
  • Experience refueling on ground and mid-air refueling.
  • Fly in different timing of day and experience fog and wind conditions.

It has much more features for details or install please visit Play Store or Apps Store.


Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D gives you the opportunity to become a pilot and conquer the skies with the best plane. It has ultra realistic 3D graphics and animations and several planes from single engine to jets, from airliners to military aircrafts. Take challenging missions and accomplish emergencies, rescue missions and more. Explore a huge open map with tons of free flight mode, intuitive mobile controls and gameplay of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D.

5 Best Free Flight Simulator Games, Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is a free game and does not require any internet connection. For more details and install please visit the link for Android and iOS.

5 Best Free Flight Simulator Games

5 Best Free Flight Simulator Games

Airline Commande‪r A Real Flight Experience

Create the best airline in the world with Airline Commande‪r a real flight experience and manage dozens of airliners. You can fly from the hubs to open routes towards all the major airports of the world.


  • Build your definitive fleet turbine of Airliners, tribune, single deck or double deck.
  • Realistic airports and runways with high definition satellite images, maps and navigation.
  • Handle different situations like takeoff, landing, and all taxiing and phases of airborne.
  • Realistic view of different times of the day with sun, moon, and real-time weather conditions.

It has many more options to give you a real flight experience, 5 Best Free Flight Simulator Games for more details and install please visit the link for Android and iOS.


X Plane Flight Simulator

X Plane Flight Simulator

The most realistic aircrafts of X Plane Flight Simulator game so the world is at your fingertips.

Features of X Plane Flight Simulator

  • 9 free tutorials, that teach the basics of takeoffs and landings, traffic patterns, and more.
  • Free 2-player internet multiplayer via Game Center
  • Interactive cockpits on many aircraft, with working gauges, displays, buttons, and switches
  • Full startup procedures supported on many aircraft
  • Over 50 systems modeled, each can be failed on command
  • Emergency scenarios and Combat missions

X Plane Flight Simulator has much more attractive features for more details and install please visit the link for Android and iOS.


A Real Flight Experience

Extreme Landings

Take full control and enjoy the Extreme Landings game one of 5 Best Free Flight Simulator Games that helps you to test your piloting skills and handle the most difficult flight conditions. Get over with emergencies and incidents inspired by real life scenarios. Start engine, navigate the dashboard panels and solve more than 4k situations to reach highest pilot ranking.

The simulator includes 36 missions that need to be accomplished, 216 challenges, and worldwide navigation as well as real time weather conditions.


  • Total 36 missions 6 free but 30 available for purchase
  • 216 challenges 6 of which in global competitions 18 free but 198 available for purchase
  • 20 HD airports 4 free but 16 available for purchase
  • Fast landing mode and 5 fault levels.
  • ILS Instrument Landing System
  • Weather Radar that managing Microburst, Ice and wind
  • Full control over the rudder, flaps, reversers and spoilers

For more details and install please visit the link for Android and iOS.





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