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Google Lens App – Enables You to Search What You See

    Google Lens App

    Google Lens app is a vision-based app that understands what you are looking at and lets you search using your camera. In other words, we can see the Google lens app lets you search what you see in front of you. Using your smartphone camera it discovers visually similar images and related content fetching results from all over. It analyzes and compares the objects and shows the relevant results if you don’t know about something so just take a photo and get the best relevant and similar results of your search.


    Google Lens plant identify scan and search Enables You to Search What You See


    • You can scan and translate the text which you want by tapping a translate button inside app live translate text will be displayed. 
    • Google Lens app also identifies plants and animals so just take a photo and find relevant results. 
    • It helps you to explore places you can easily identify and learn about landmarks, stores, filling stations, and other places. 
    • During online shopping, if you select any shirt then Lens fetch for you a similar article for instance. 
    • Lens also recognize food and dishes and ability to scan barcodes quickly and easily.
    • Google keeps on enhancing features of Lens now you can quickly copy and paste text from documents or handwritten paper to your phone and just tap copy to the computer so you can quickly paste selected text to another signed-in device with Chrome.
    • By pointing your camera translate desired words in your own language Google lens app features 100 plus languages.

    Google Lens app has much more rich and handy features it allows you to search whatever you want and Enables You to Search What You See, it is now available only on Android devices.



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