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Google Fit App for Health and Activity Tracking

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Google Fit App for Health and Activity Tracking

Google Fit app for health and fitness tracking is the best for such persons who take care of their health seriously and want to evaluate every move of the day. It is not easy enough to know which kind of activity you need to do to stay healthy. So Google has made a Fit app with the collaboration of WHO and the American Heart Association to bring your heart points, and create an activity plan that sets daily targets and helps to improve your health.

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Google Fit for Health and Activity Tracking

As health practitioners suggest that the activities that pump harder to your heart have huge health benefits for the heart and mind. You will earn one heart point for the moderate activity each minute and 2 points each minute for intense activities like running or jogging. Because when you involve a recommended amount of physical activity it will help to reduce heart disease, improve sleep quality and increase overall physical and mental health.

Health and Activity Tracking

You can see your workout statistics such as heart rate, speed, pace, and route, for your runs, walks, and bike rides. See your daily progress and monitor your goals on your Heart Points and steps and can easily adjust your goals as per your convenience to keep challenging yourself. For more details and install the Google Fit app for a health and fitness tracking please visit for Android and iOS.



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  1. Google Fit does NOT work and despite I send feedback every 2nd day, no reply was ever received from the support, so they are possibly doing nothing to fix their bugs. Everyday I lose between a few hundreds and a few thousands steps because the app resets the count. This is unbearable.

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