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“Text to Speech” Generate an Audio File into Your Blog Post for Free

    This article will be helpful to WordPress users. I am going to introduce you to the new “text to speech” WordPress plugin named AWS Polly developed by Amazon Web Services AWS and WP Engine. You can create audio versions of your posts means you will learn how to generate an audio file into your Blog Post not just that you can also make Podcasts and use and publish it to Apple iTunes, Google Podcast, and others so let’s begin how to convert your article into audio.

    Generate an Audio File into Your Blog Post


    As you see in the above picture there is a Free Tier it has five million characters per month it is sufficient for average user free for 12 months.

    Create AWS Account Text to Speech

     Create an AWS account you need to sign up to when you see AWS Console Management search for IAM as shown in the picture you will see user:0 in the Identity and Access Management page you need to select Add user and create a user which you want and then check in the box and enable the Programmatic access. In the next page, select Attach existing policies directly and type “WordPress” in the search bar and select the below open option as shown in the picture than click next: tags button skip next page by clicking Next: Review button and then click on Create user button, in the next page will show Success User page with Access key ID and Secret access key save it for future use.


    Generate an Audio File into Your Blog PostGenerate an Audio File into Your Blog Post



    Install and Configure WordPress

    The next step is to open WordPress go to Plugin, Add new and search for aws you will see AWS for WordPress click install now and activate.

    Go to AWS general fill your access key and secret key select region which you want and save and then go-to text to speech and select and enable “text to speech support” then select your source language like English and then “voice name”  there are several and different kinds of voices select which you want select payer position before or after post and add a player label like (Listen to My Article) and preferably disable the option “New post-default” because if it’s enabled it will automatically create audio of your all-new post you can use this option whenever you want and some more options you need to select enable or disable you can see in the pictures and than hit “save changes” that’s it your configuration setting has done.



    Generate an Audio File into Your Blog Post

    Text to Speechaws polly


    Now let’s start how it works on the post just open your post and go to the bottom of the post there is an option “Enable Text to Speech” as shown in below picture just enable it and click “Update” post will be updated it may take a couple of minutes to generate an audio file. We have done it. You can see and listen after updating the post.


    Text to Speech







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