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iOS 14 Beta, New Features Fresh Look


iOS 14 Beta, New Features and Updates

On Jun 22, 2020, Apple revealed its new iOS 14 beta. It brings a fresh new look and lots of new features to make them easier than ever. Apple focuses on the apps you use all the time to become even more intelligent, more personal, more private, and easy to use interface. So iOS 14 features are fresh and will provide you with a safe secure and seamless experience.

iOS 14 is compatible with these devices.

iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE (1st generation)
iPhone SE (2nd generation)
iPod touch (7th generation)


Home Screen & Widgets of iOS 14 Features

All the widgets have been redesigned with much more information at a glance so we can also add them to the home screen. You can also choose the size of the widget that you may like. Smart Stack of widgets adjust as per the usage of apps and the right widget will show up automatically at the right time in your day. So your apps automatically organize all of your apps into a simple navigation view with the help of a new App Library.

All calls either from iPhone, FaceTime, or third‑party apps display in a compact design and do not use full screen. Now you will be able to keep watching videos or continue your FaceTime call while you use another app.

iOS 14 beta


Messages in iOS 14 Beta

iOS 14 keeps you stay connected to the conversations that matter most, keep track of group conversations, and express yourself however you like. You can pin up to nine of your most important conversations to the top of your conversation list, so you can easily get to them. You can choose over 20 new hair and headwear styles including mask wear to reflect your hobby.


Maps in iOS 14 Beta

With Maps in iOS 14 beta, it is easier to discover new places to go and environmentally friendly ways to get there. You can now use Maps to get cycling directions using bike lanes, paths, and roads. You can also see elevation, busy streets, stairs, and steep passages when planning your trip. Guides offer great places around the world to eat, shop, and explore. You can also save Guides, and they automatically update when new places are added.




iOS 14 beta introducing the new Translate app, designed for conversations across 11 different languages. Conversations are easy by conversation mode just turn your phone to landscape and tap the single microphone button to say something. Apple has enabled offline experience for Translate. So you can use all the app features for downloaded languages and keep your translations private without needing to turn off your phone’s internet connection


iOS 14 Features of Siri

As you know that Siri is a vital way to get information and get things done. Siri has a compact design and a completely new look in iOS 14 beta that lets you quickly get information or get things done. Siri can now help you fetch the answers to questions by using information from across the web.

iOS 14 Features of Siri



The Home app helps you manage your smart home more intelligently and securely. And now it’s even easier to take advantage of the of HomeKit accessories. When you add a new HomeKit accessory, the Home app suggests useful automation so you can put it right to work. New visual status prioritizes the accessories that most need your attention and allows you to easily control them. Activity zones and Face recognition is also helpful addition.




As users are aware Safari provides web feel fast, powerful, and private browsing. So with iOS 14 beta, Safari is more responsive and capable while giving you new ways to help protect your privacy.

iOS 14


Car keys and CarPlay

Being an iPhone user you know about CarPlay has transformed the relationship between your iPhone and your car. Now that relationship gets even more powerful with the ability to unlock and start your car with iPhone. You should keep a digital car key in your Wallet app so you can leave your physical car keys at home. Just bring your iPhone near your car door to unlock it. Once inside, place your iPhone on a reader or wireless charger to start your car.



App Clips

Apps from the App Store have changed the way we do just about everything. An App Clip is discoverable the moment you need it and is focused on a specific task. But it is easy to discover and use right in the moments you need them. Like renting a bike, paying for parking, ordering food, and so much more. App Clips are fast and small in file size. After you access an App Clip, a card appears. Tapping Open immediately launches the App Clip, providing a powerful, focused app experience that’s privacy-friendly.




As we know that privacy is a fundamental human right. So with iOS 14 beta giving you more control over the data you share and more transparency. You can now get information on the App Store to help you understand the privacy practices of every app before you download it. It shares only your approximate location instead of your exact location so it is perfect for apps like local news or weather.

iOS 14


There are many more updates and features you can find a complete list of what’s new in iOS 14.




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