iDare Comfort Zone Challeng‪e App for Android and iOS

iDare Comfort Zone Challeng‪e App helps you how to get rid of your comfort zone or how to leave your comfort zone by many fun challenges and dares. If you are looking for Courage or Motivation, want to be more comfortable in gatherings, and want to be confident while speaking in public. So take part in thousands of challenges, iDare app that will help you to get out of your Comfort Zone. iDare can track and analyze your improvements so you will be able to understand your values.

In a comfort zone you always want to feel relaxed, less burden in a controlled environment and experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress. It is a state in which things feel familiar to a person and he or she will not go beyond the limits. Despite this, many researchers of the world have proved that extremely low level of anxiety can decrease a person’s performance.

How to Leave your Comfort Zone | How to Get Rid of your Comfort Zone

iDare Comfort Zone Challenge app

iDare Comfort Zone Challeng‪e app will involve you many challenges that will help you to improve and gain more self-esteem. It will monitor for you each improvement and worsening. iDare app will show your progress by providing you statistics, reports and graphs.

Features iDare Comfort Zone Challeng‪e app

  • Learn how to improve your capabilities and skills
  • Help to become confident person, step out of your comfort zone
  • Get up to  3 challenge each day
  • More than 1000 random challenges
  • More than 1000 right now challenges
  • Complete report for all your challenges
  • General and Score statistics
  • Special Events challenges like Social distancing

iDare app is  available on Play Store and Apps Store for free but you can unlock more features to buy premium.

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