Disinfect your Phone

Disinfect your Phone

Nowadays Coronavirus is the most dangerous threat in the world whoever you are and where ever but all the world has become scary environment everyone has following directives released from health departments like keep washing hands twice in an hour avoid touching unnecessary to surface, keep distance with others, avoid shaking hands,hugs etc. But no one thinks about the gadget which everyone keeps in hand an average 5-8 hours in a day, Yes its your cell phone.


You should clean your phone several times especially when severe viruses spread around  it is an easy procedure to disinfect your phone. If you have a water resistant phone you can wash it with water, otherwise the following are some methods you can choose any one.

  1. You can use Alcohol pad / wipes and slightly rub into your phone if the screen protector is not installed so rub it gently.
  2. Hand sanitizer can be used for cleaning just put 2-3 drops and clean it with a piece of cloth or tissue paper.
  3. And you can also use Dettol or some disinfectant, just dip a piece of cloth and rub your phone gently.

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