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B612 App Beauty, Filter Camera

    B612 beauty and filter camera

    B612 app is multipurpose and the best camera app for all your needs. B612 beauty and filter camera app has a lot of functions and options you are looking for. Some features of b612 app including Real Makeup, Stylish Stickers, Short-videos, Body Edit, Creative Tools, Dynamic Effect, Editing, Video templates, Music videos & more. There are new stickers, filters and effects added on a routine basis. So what are you waiting for? Just download, enjoy and create amazing memories with B612 for Android and iOS.


    B612 App B612 beauty and filter camera


    Features of B612 App

    Create your own stickers and filters so you can put your own ideas into reality. With B612 beauty and filter camera you can add effects, objects and makeup in real time and save your creation.

    Can filter high quality photos for perfect selfies, scene or any occasion. Get quick access to your favorite and frequent used filters.

    Create high quality videos with less effort, pair your videos and diverse effects for more dynamic music videos.

    Photo editor provide a variety of options: try filters, stickers, change your background and new trendy effects. Smooth skin and makeup is easy to add with beauty and makeup editor. Use latest tools to enhance pictures hair color changer, auto-cut, slow motion options. Also adjust the ratio in all sizes for social media.

    With the help of a video editor you can edit and create videos using multiple effect tools. Crop your videos into various sizes which you want and can also use multiple trending effects for professional looking videos.


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