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5 Best Android Apps For Free


5 Best Android Apps For Free

In this article I am going to introduce you 5 Best Android Apps For Free some new but good apps which will worth by time, all apps have unique features and all are free to install hope you will enjoy.


Saycheese app app photo to find correct one


It allows you to take group selfies using two phones, it’s wonderful. Most of the peoples probably know the situations when you go out somewhere for a trip with friends, enjoy dinner with your family and just want to take group photos and can’t find anyone to help you take the pictures. It is possible to you can take the picture by yourself, but you will not be in this picture or maybe you can put a timer, but you won’t know how the image will turn out. Maybe you can take a selfie, but that’s too close, and you will not be able to see everyone.

The remote Camera of SayCheese is an application for just these type of situations it helps you control your friend’s camera remotely using two phones one takes as a remote shutter and the other takes as the remote camera SayCheese makes it possible you to capture images and videos by controlling the remote phone as a camera from your phone. Some features are live and fast preview screen with focus, camera control remotely, No internet connection is required, Pics can be taken remotely with over 200m distance, All android versions are supported. Link SayCheese – Remote Camera

5 Best Android Apps For Free

Filter box app app photo to find correct one


Filterbox is a notification manager with a variety of functions and a seamless experience. you can keep all notification history in the form of a timeline. you can personalize it by custom your own rules to dismiss or mute any notifications like Apps, keyword, time. you can restore the 20 recent notification you can also dismissed back to the system notification panel. It provides detailed analysis data with statistics of your notifications by overview and daily view. Link FilterBox – Pro Notification Manager


true amps app app photo to find correct one

True Amps

True Amps Edge Lighting is a unique app that provides Always-on display will activate only when your mobile is charging and will auto deactivate when the mobile is unplugged, you will feel simply a unique charging animation experience. This app is free and was designed to use 0% CPU, and low system resources. It will update you with information like notifications, clock, and will allow you to control your music during your mobile is charging, It also supports fast charge, slow USB charge, and wireless battery charge. Link True Amps | Edge Lighting ❤️

5 Best Android Apps For Free

5 Best Android Apps For Free

Metropolis 3D City Live Wallpaper

Metropolis. is an experimental live wallpaper it is a live wallpaper app that offers pixels like wallpaper in detail. It uses Bing Maps to load 3D cities of North America onto your home screen. As you unlock or swipe across your screen, the city is also rotated in animation to match your gesture. You can explore 3D Cities in major cities of North America with adjustable vibrance and brightness levels you can also customize camera parameters like dolly zoom, Blur on home screens with the Parallax effect and it requires Android 7.0 or up and at least 3GB ram. Link Metropolis 3D City Live Wallpaper ?️


Formula lockscreen app photo to find correct one

Formula Lockscreen

Formula Lockscreen App you can unlock the screen by applying Maths formulas on Lockscreen a simple custom app. Here you can choose different maths formula categories which will show you whenever you unlock the device . each time when you unlock the device you will see a new formula on the lock screen it is a good way to memorize maths formulas you can also add custom text with title, subtitle, and category which will also show you on the lock screen. Whole formulas have been divided into different categories and subcategories so that you can select those formula lists which is needed this app is very helpful for those students who forget the formula currently it has a Maths formulas but it will be updated with Physics and Chemistry formulas. the app is compatible with all Android versions. Link Formula Lockscreen – Maths Formulas on Lockscreen – Apps on


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